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Gonna have the house to myself for 1 1/2 days sweet

Job Placement

Going to my job placement on wednesday for 12 weeks. I'm nervous yet excited is that natural ?

any ways wish me luck


Question of the day

This has been on my mind for ages Online do you think it's right for your online friends to call you by you Real life name or your username


a lover?

ok someone on msn said they fancied me


posted for the lol

A friend on Da brought this to my attention. I just posted this for the lols causes these people are making fun of the artwork that I did a half- assed job on lol


ps3 want to add me?

I recently got a ps3 for christmas and it now has internet if you want to add me as a friend my user name in wolfcub-ottsel


Race fail

Was checking my messages on Da today and there was this comment on my belfast pic that made me lol

here is the comment

"Water colours are beautiful aren't they? Turned out nicely but make sure to rub out your pencil marks!

Btw... we have no leprechauns. Racist git LOL AND the cranes are called Sampson and Goliath... and they were NOT used to build the titanic! Silly moo At least you said NORTHERN Ireland unlike most people lmao.
Cute pic again btw!"

I 'm guess this person didn't know I was from Ireland lol


a good day

I've  had  a   good  day   these    past  two  days .  I  sure  hope   these    good   days  contine as  I'm    finally    letting  the  bad    feeling  I've  had  in  life   disappear,   focusing  my   mind  on  getting  a job .  I  finally    handed  in my  cv  into  game lets  just   hope  I  actually  get  an  interview :/. The  trouble    with  me   job  hunting    is   not  looking  for    a  job  it's   not   getting     called   back  for  an  interview which  I  have  never gotten.

Yesturday  I  went   out  to   meet  an    old  college friend  and   it  well  very   well  as   the   way   we  used  to   hang  out  in   college   he  hasn't   much  lol.  hopefully   we'll  meet   up  again   soon.

Someone  on    msn  asked   if  I   could   do   some    voice  work   on  their     flash  movie  that  should   be  fun   lol.

Kids love Wolfcub

hee  hee  I  went  to   some   friend  of  my  mum's    last   night  for  dinner.  I  also   bought  WIP  of  myy  fursuit   cos   me  &  mum  like  to show  is  to  people  and  how   we  made  it  . This  is because   she  wants  to  try and  make   fursuits are  a  business and  from  the  looks   of  it  people  and  amazed   by  this. 

Anyways   my  Mum's  friend's  nephew  &  nieces  came   over to   see me   in  the   suit  and   have  a  few  photos  taken.  They   really  did  love  the    suit  and    were   smiling  and     laughing     and   pulling  my   tail  it   was   great


Crit Anyone ?

Oh    DA   how  I  love  it   when  you  allow  this    sort of    people  on  my   page   lol.   &   why    do  they    write   big  ass  essays

dear wolfcub

very sorry for breaking it to you, but seriously, if you're 22, you should see that what you're drawing right now is downright crappy. the lineart is shoddy, there's corners and extra joints everywhere, it is very obvious that you do not use reference in the slightest, looking at the lack of anatomy in your drawings, your flat colours are decent enough, but when you shade it ends up looking dreadful. The colours are too dead-looking, too extreme, blocky, it just looks flat, there's no depth, and even when you do highlights, it's just TOO light. Nothing is pure white, even with the sun on it. While there are parts that can look good as pure white, they'd have to be small spaces, like a single, small shine on a cheek or a shoulder, or some small sparkles of light reflected by really shiny hair. Speaking of hair, the way you do hair, and for that matter fut, just doesn't look real at all. The way you color, you color the flats, and then add lines of a somewhat darker, or an entirely different color. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but even with only one eye, it should be obvious that hairdoesn't work that way.

but seriously! your work is not. good! When I come accross your page I feel like slamming my head against a wall for multiple reasons:
- you get way too much attention
- your art sucks
- your spelling maybe even worse!
What the hell happened to commas and periods, capitalising, or decent use of language? using dude once in a while is allowed but please. PLEASE realise that there are people out there that DON'T like reading a sentence starting with a lower case letter, without any commas or periods, with misspelled words all over the place and ending with calling me a dude. I"m not a dude. half of the world isn't, and the greater part of the other half won't even like it when you're called a "dude".

Seriously, I BEG youto make some progress. OBSERVE how things WORK. Do studies, practice parts at a time, just WORK ON BECOMING BETTER. If people tell you your work looks great, take it with a grain, nay a BUCKET of salt. Compare with other people, compare with your friends.

it looks like your drawings are traced from a decent looking drawing, but from the hand of a four year old. SOMETHING in there suggests that you know something of anatomy, but the way you draw now just makes me think your array of skills is looking at other people's drawings, thinking "this looks good", and copying tricks from that person.
but badly.

Remember that being an artist means ALWAYS wanting, needing to improve your skills.

you at one point were really disappointed you didn't get into art college, and I think you even thought you had a chance. I'm at this very moment trying to do the same, and I'm sweating myself to death from nervousness. I am DEFINITELY not thinking I'm good enough for the course, and my work is not NEARLY as bad as yours.

Furthermore, I cannot begin to express my hatred for people who think they're better than they are. This is why I love johnsu and tracy j butler so much, they keep their modesty even though they're amazing at what they do and deserve the praise they get. You however, gain more attention in one week than I've gotten in my entire three years on dA.

This may be because you spam everyone to death with your "art" and they can't do anything but come accross your work when browsing, but seriously!

thank you sincerely for reading this, I think you deserve a cookie now.

have a good day.